Group courses in 12 languages

UvA Talen offers a wide range of group language courses with open enrolment for private individuals as well as individual corporate clients. Our permanent language course selection consists of twelve different languages, from the most elementary to the most advanced levels. Each year, over 2,000 students complete one or more of our courses and earn a certificate for an internationally-recognised language level.


The courses are geared towards motivated, often educated students. The lesson materials are dealt with in a fairly high tempo. We create an environemt in which we guarantee optimal interaction with the instructor and fellow students, enabling you to significantly improve your language proficiency level in a very short time.


Language courses in the centre of Amsterdam

All of our language courses are provided in or near the Roeterseilandcomplex of the University of Amsterdam. In our location at the Roetersstraat 25, we have access to a number of quality classroom facilities. We also provide a large number of language courses in the surrounding buildings of the University of Amsterdam.


Group courses are either held intensively, in the day-time, or in the evenings (start: three times a year). Our intensive daytime courses including the intensive language course Dutch for Beginners, our higher levels of Dutch as a Second Language (NT2)  and our English level courses are organised every four weeks.


Intensive summer courses

Every summer, UvA Talen offers a range of intensive summer daytime courses in which you can learn a new language in a fast and fun way. Summer courses are available in all the languages offered in our standard programme, giving you the opportunity to brush up on the basics of Spanish, French or Italian just in time for your holiday, or to boost your English or Dutch skills for your work or study, or maybe to start on that fascinating language you've always wanted to learn.


All summer courses are coordinated so that you can easily take two courses consecutively. And what's more, if you sign up for more than one course you get a discount. You can recognise the summer courses by the orange sun in the overview per language.


You can enrol for these courses directly by clicking on the language you wish to study in the orange bar above.